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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

This past Sunday The Fam. and I took a trip over the highway and through the woods to The Grandparents house. Where I was delighted to find a Grandma made lunch for The Fam and I that included vegetarian options for me! YIPEE! While my carnivorous family devoured steak (I'm pretty sure The Mom's fairly rare stake still had a pulse) I enjoyed a veggie burger with vegetable soup. The veggie burger was a good protein source, but the soup was fantastic. The Grandparents have a large garden where they grow kohlrabi, corn, potatoes, carrots, basil, green beans, cabbage, and many other wonderfully fresh vegetables as well as raspberries. The soup was filled with these superbly fresh veggies and prepared with the German spaetzle noodles on the side. I want to find a way to can soup so that I can have some of this saved up wonderfully fresh and delicious soup when I get home-sick away at college. I had The Grandma pack up some of the soup and spaetzle and had  a small cup of soup for lunch today. YUM!
Another great thing about Grandma's in general, is how good they are at making desserts! The Grandma had prepared zucchini bread with cream cheese frosting and a cool-whip-wafer-berry tart. What is a cool-whip-wafer-berry-tart? Only the most simply delicious of The Grandma's wonderful desserts. She crumbles vanilla wafers (The ones that come in packaged with chocolate and strawberry and are slightly orange colored) on the bottom of a pan and flattens them so that they become the crust. She then adds a thick layer of fresh raspberries, a thick layer of coolwhip, and another thinner layer of raspberries and a crumbling of vanilla wafers lay gently a-top. She also added a sprinkling of blueberries on the top to make a simple and light summer dessert. Yay for Grandmas!

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