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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I (think) I can!

I need to see more of this!!! 
With my two month anniversary of becoming a vegetarian only a day away, you'd think the last thing on my mind would be dropping my new found veggie ways. I don't know if its just due to my lack of sleep and the stress of class and work after day camp week, but I just have lost all motivation for sticking to veggies. I am trying my best to struggle through my time of doubt. It is just getting boring and I am getting sick of having the same things day after day. I may get a few more recipe books from the library to try and reignite my veggie loving spark. It doesn't help that so many restaurants aren't veggie-friendly. The other day The Fam and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. On our way there, I knew there wouldn't be many options for me, as Texas  Roadhouse advertises its superior ribs and steak. I had no idea the only thing on the menu that would be meat-free would end up being the Country Veg Platter-where you pick 4 side options from the menu and its actually considered a meal. I ended up eating a Caesar Salad, carrots and broccoli, applesauce, a Sweet Potato, and about every delicious roll I could get my hands on. Although the rolls were divine, as always, the carrots and broccoli weren't cooked enough, the Caesar Salad was drenched in dressing. I just wanted to have a good meatless meal! Is it so difficult?! I never realized how difficult it would be to go out and eat a healthy veggie-filled meal. Too many times I find my self eating a bowl full of pasta or a family-size order of bread rolls, not exactly a well-rounded meal! I of course, will try my hardest not to quit anytime soon, but I better get some good veggie food soon or I am gonna jump off the veggie wagon. Ugh! I can do this! I think?

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