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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making My Own Rain!

This drought is killing the herbs The Mom and I planted this summer! They are drying out so fast it seems a waste to even try and water them. Hopefully it will start to rain soon so that I can continue to use the yummy fresh herbs while I am at home for the summer. I love using them to add a fresh, fun flavor to my veggie meals! It needs to rain!
Creating my rain!
Unfortunately, mother nature is holding out on the rain. It's been hot and dry for weeks! So when Goombah and some of our friends were inspired by the one-and-only Pinterest to do some crayon art, I had rainfall on the mind! When I was sitting in math class, they ran to JoAnne's to get canvas, and it was on sale! Score! They then bought crayons, but I decided to bring the old crayons The Mom has kept since my elementary school days. I would suggest buying new crayons, some of the old crayons melted in chunks, and some didn't melt at all.
I then decided to create my own rain scene, including a silhouette of a person with an umbrella with the words "You can turn of the sun, but I'm still gonna shine" (from the Jason Mraz song, The Remedy) I started by taping off where the words and the umbrella silhouette would go. I then unwrapped a mix of blue, purple, teal, and white crayons. I would advise unwrapping the crayons, they melt much faster! Next tip, put a strip of hot glue on the canvas and then set the crayon on top of that, don't try to put hot glue directly on the crayon, it will just melt the crayon and create a mess.
all of our crayon art!
 Once I had a few burnt finger tips and the hot gluing madness was over with, the fun part began. Blow drying the crayons to make them melt! Fun Fact: In case you didn't already know, trying to use multiple hair dryers at once is not advised, we did blow a fuse trying to do 3 at the same time. Bad idea. Stick to one, avoid going into your basement or garage or whatever other creepy place circuit breakers are always in to reengage your fuse. I would also suggest blow drying your creation outdoors or in a place that can get randomly splattered with melting crayons. The drips fly everywhere. 

After the melting was complete, I used a permanent marker to fill in my silhouette, then used puffy paint to outline the image. I then used glitter on the umbrella, the rain boots, and the words SUN and SHINE to put an emphasis on those objects. It ended up looking really great! I cannot wait to put it in my dorm!

I realize its hard to read-but again, it says, "you can turn of the SUN but i'm still gonna SHINE"

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