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Monday, July 9, 2012

Straight Out Of Asia

Italian Pomodoro
I took a bite before I thought of
taking a picture. Couldn't resist.
 I'd like to being this post by talking about my new found love of a few Asian things. First of all, I have been drinking green tea like I am parched and sweet green tea is the only thing that can quench my thirst. I freaking love it. I searched through The Mom's tea stash, and found Lemongrass Green Tea by Good Earth. It is so delicious. Then,  Tazo Tea was on sale at the one-and-only Target. (Whats not to love about that place? ) The Mom picked up a few of their Organic Iced Green tea with spearmint and lemongrass. It is the freaking bomb. I cannot get enough of it. I, in fact, am drinking one as I am typing this blog. I want to drink it constantly. I wish I could get an IV drip of it into my mouth, in constant intervals. Obviously, I am a bit obsessed. I admit it. It's totally fine. 
Henna Vases
Anyways.... This burst of new found tea-love encouraged Goombah and I to go to The Steaming Cup where, despite my new green tea ways, we both got our usual Chai Teas and split a Italian Pomodoro- which sounds really fancy, but is actually a really simple sandwich with tomatoes, onions, pesto, and cheese on a tomato focaccia bun. YUM!
 While at the steaming cup, Goombah found a few temporary tattoos in her purse, which inspired a chat about henna. This sparked my inner crafting spirit and I rushed home to start a new craft. I took a plain old vase, and one of the Tazo tea bottles, and spiraled into a henna crafting heaven. I swirled and dotted and created Indian inspired henna designs all over them with puffy paint! I was so excited about my new Asian inspired moments that I just had to blog all about it! I Googled where to find actual henna, and I sense an adventure into a Indian grocery store with Goombah in my near future. Maybe I'll grab a veggie meal while I am there!

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