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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dark as Night!

Today, Goombah and I went on a search for Henna. We went to the Namaste Plaza (an Indian grocery store in Brookfield, WI) and met the owner, Rita, who was delightful and extremely helpful. She told us that she had recently taken over the store, and was restocking everything, and the henna powder will be there on Friday. I am searching for a Indian vegetarian recipe so I can purchase more than just henna powder the next time Goombah and I return to her store! 
After our somewhat unsuccessful henna search, Goombah and I went to Panera. I was craving soup, and since I couldn't get my favorite-broccoli cheddar soup-because they use chicken stock, I got the vegetarian friendly black bean soup! I was so surprised by how truly black it is. The picture to the right proves I am not over exaggerating, it really was dark as night! I was expecting black beans in light colored veggie-stock. Nope. It was black beans through and through. It was very good, but it could use some Mexican spices to really play up the authentic Mexican flavor of the black beans. After our delicious lunch at Panera, we traveled across the parking lot to  Yo Mama!, a frozen yogurt shop. Frozen Yogurt can never be anything but superbly delicious. I love it. 
I then, decided to go for a night run. To preface, I usually avoid running at night at all cost. I get paranoid in the dark, I constantly think someone is going to jump out of bushes, or a passing car will kidnap me. Which isn't completely illogical. If you have ever read the book Room by Emma Donoghue, or Lovely Bones by Alive Sebold, you would probably understand my fear. So usually, I run in the morning or around dusk to avoid darkness of night, and the extreme heat during the summer days. But, because I slept in today, and had class during dusk, I made the choice of running at 9 pm, in the dark. This made me run very, very quickly. Don't get me wrong, it was a great workout. My heart was constantly racing and my legs were moving just as fast. I was constantly on guard. I cannot wait to get back to a relaxing morning run tomorrow. 

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