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Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have always been interested in good nutrition. Recently, I had been noticing that due to the hectic college life, my "diet" had become full of unhealthy fried food and pizza. I knew that a change must be made if I wanted to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

 Like a true aspiring journalist, I researched vegetarianism until I decided it was worth the challenge of not eating meat. I went on sites like this one and decided to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian. This means I will simply refuse to consume the flesh of animal. (I couldn't believe it had taken me 19 years to realize how grotesque eating meat really is, the flesh of animals=gross!) I've never really been the biggest fan of meat anyways. I don't find steak particularly appetizing and I absolutely detest bacon. So I figured why not save a few animals and say NO! to meat! 

Then it began! I researched more, finding out how much protein was vital to good nutrition. I calculated my minimum daily protein level by multiplying my body weight ( 140lbs slightly terrifying putting this online!) times .37 and figured that my daily minimum is approx. 52 grams of protein per day. I CAN DO THIS!

So, I continued by tracking down what I ate. (pictured below) I used this nutrition information site to find out exactly how many grams of protein were in the food I ate, and how many calories were in each item as well.  At the end of the day, I had eaten 80g of protein, well above my minimum, and it was only around 1500 calories! I knew then, that this feat would not be as impossible as I had imagined!

  I was driving my friends a little bit crazy. "OMG! There's 25g of protein in cottage cheese" or "These bread slices have 5g of protein each." They all we're responding with, "Why should we care?!"  Which prompted me to express my new found love of veggie-ness on this blog, where maybe 5 people may read it...OH WELL!

 Because I will be spending the summer at home, today I will be calling my mother, like I do every Sunday, and break the news that I have embarked on a mission of a meat-free life. I am crossing my fingers, and toes, and eyes, and legs, and I might find a rabbit foot, possibly I'll find a four-leaf clover..that she will accept my new found diet of life and help me to achieve my goal of one year of veggie-hood-dum. If not, this could be a summer for the record books...

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