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Monday, May 7, 2012

Dove & Tofu

Almost healthy, right?
Ate a few Dove® Milk & White Chocolate Swirl things, they were SO DELICIOUS! I could never go vegan, I would miss milk chocolate way too much! Plus, they had 2g of protein per 5 pieces. Maybe not the healthiest way to get protein, but it was still a great end to my day. Today at the dining hall, I had tofu curry, it wasn't so bad, but I'll be honest...I'm not the biggest fan of tofu. I think it may just be that the dining hall doesn't know how to cook it correctly. It's just mushy and gross. I will have to search how to make tofu so I can try to make it better at home. Veggie Day #4=SUCCESS!
Dove®, you are too sweet!

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