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Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Week!

Hatas gonna hate!
ITS BEEN A WEEK! So far I haven't even thought about grabbing a meat-dish to eat! I've eaten lots of vegan/tofu items from the dining hall. I don't even feel like I am missing out on good food. My friends have been split in supporting me, or doubting me. For whatever reason, certain individuals think that I will not last a month, let alone a year. Just makes me strive to prove them wrong!
I am a little bit nervous that its going to be harder to stay veggie-strong at home. I'll be making my own meals, unless The Mom is feeling generous. I know that at times, simply grabbing meat-filled-meal may seem easier. My plan is to use my free time to experiment with easily-made vegetarian meals. I love cooking, and if I can create yummy creations to opt out of instead, I think I'll be more than OK for the summer!

I'll miss you, Broccoli Cheddar.
It will also be difficult at home with everyone always wanting to go out. Usually my friends and I would go to Bdubs or Panera to munch and catch-up. Panera has some options for vegetarians, but my favorite soup- broccoli cheddar- is made with chicken stock. I'll have to keep optimistic and remind myself that now I have a reason to try new things. I've always gotten the same thing at Panera, and it will be great to see what else they have to offer. Bdubs though, that will be a problem. Nothing is better than a Honey BBQ boneless wing with ranch and celery. Unfortunately, Bdubs has a very limited amount of menu items without meat. I will definitely have to look around for fun vegetarian-friendly & college-inexpensive items to try.


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