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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Mom

Talked to The Mom. As the phone began to rang I paced the closet-like space of my dorm room.
 "Hello" said The Mom.
 I carried on our usual conversation, "What did you do this week, anything exciting?"
As I listened to her I tried to think of a good way to put it. I had talked about being a vegetarian before, and The Mom had never be exceptionally welcoming to the idea. We talked about our weeks for about a half hour. Then the moment came, a lull in the conversation. I knew this was my time.
^not sure how that #1 got there. GO VEGETARIANS! WOO!
I knew I had to speak the words that I had been repeating in my head throughout the day, "Mom...I've been thinking..I am gonna try to be a vegetarian this year."
 Silence. My stomach dropped to my knees.
"I am not making you any damn special meals." The Mom snapped.
 I knew she would say that, I was more than prepared. "Oh I know, Mom, I would be more than willing to make my own meals, I just wanted to make sure you would support me and, you know, buy me like cottage cheese, and veggie burgers and what not. Would that be ok?"
"I actually bought veggie-burgers today! They were on sale" said The Mom.
I knew at that moment that she was OK with it. I told her about my research, and my successful 80 grams of protein day. The Mom continued to talk about how the burgers were on sale. My mission was complete. My vegetarian announcement was placed on Facebook and Twitter. 14 likes and counting thank you very much!

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