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Monday, May 14, 2012

What The Chick'n?

First off, I'd like to thank anyone who is reading this for doing so! I have had viewers from the UK, Russia, and Germany, which I am very excited about! Danke für Ihre Meinung! Vegetarier sind genial! And also, Благодарю вас за ваше мнение! Вегетарианцы являются удивительными! If that doesn't make any sense, blame google translate! Its suppose to say- "Thank you for the views! Vegetarians are awesome!" 

Continuing on with the vegetarianism, my first few meals at home have been a success. Last night I ate my first Boca Burger. Honestly, it was nothing like I expected, in a good way! It tasted similar to a turkey burger. I will definitely be eating more of those! 

So, what I really am writing about today is Gardein. On the very long car ride back from school The Mom suddenly brought up, "I got you some fake chicken nuggets" 
I immediately questioned this, something seemed suspicious. "Fake chicken nuggets? What are they even made of?" 
"I don't know, soy and tofu and junk probably." The Mom replied.
 I was scared, she bought them without even looking at ingredients? "Yikes" I thought to myself. But today, those fake chicken nuggets were put to the test. 

I brought said "fake chicken nuggets" out from the freezer and scanned the packaging for greater detail on what exactly these nugget imposters were. Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n was the title of the nuggets, and "I'm Meat-Free!" was exclaimed on the packaging. Still, I was not completely sold. I checked the ingredient list. No meat. Just regular vegetarian-friendly things like soy, quinoa, and other protein filled, vegga-licious ingerdients. 
I took a few out of the bag, and stir-fried them over the stove top. In minutes they were crispy and golden brown. I then put them into the provided mandarin orange sauce, and topped some organic mixed greens with them. DELICIOUS! It may have been even better than regular chicken. I dropped some onto the floor (ops!) and my dog, Dusty, came running into the room. He was begging for me to drop more! 
To conclude, Gardein's Chick'n is Bibbit (& Dusty) Approved!

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