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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Biker Babe

So along with deciding to become a veggaholic, I pledged to myself that I would commit to being, overall, a healthier person.
 (With that being said, my next blog is going to be a cupcake recipe. I said I was trying to be healthier, one can't just let go of a good cupcake!)

Back on topic, I decided that I would not trap myself inside my house this summer! I went out (with The Dad!) and got a brand spankin' new hybrid Schwinn beautiful bike from everybody's favorite place -- TARGET! I have been so thrilled with it and have gone on many a bike-rides so far. I am turning into a true biker babe.
 My Goombah and I went to go on a ride the other day, it ended up being, for lack of a better term, a tragic fail of epic proportions. Her tires were flat, her riding skills were rusty. Lets just say one of us has a few scrapes on our knees from falling off of the bike, and its not me! We were going to go on this great trail, but it will be saved for another time!

Instead of biking, we drove to the Pewaukee Beach and soaked in the sun for a bit. I have to admit, the beach is one of my favorite parts about the summer. It is just so relaxing!
We then decided to get a Ponza Rotta from Jimmy's Grotto. If you live in south eastern Wisconsin, you should really try it out. We got a Veggie Ponza to split.(Again, so much for trying to be healthy!) Continuing on our trail of fails for the day, we walked out of Jimmy's without napkins nor silverware. We drove to Fox River Park, and embarked on eating our delicious meal with our fingers. To say this was impossible is an understatement. We took turns taking bites, until our the insides of the ponza were escaping the corners of the crust until finally the gooey veggie insides were completely out of the to-die-for shell. We continued to munch until there was nothing left but a sad pile of cheese, and wiped our hands on the make shift napkin-the picnic table we were dining at. (My hand still kind of smell like Veggie Ponza. I am not complaning.)
Evidence of the veggie explosion.
We then decided to go on a little jaunt along the Fox River, and stumbled upon one of the best things about summer in Waukesha, the Badgerland Ski Show team! They were only practicing and I could barely keep my jaw from slamming into the ground in awe. I definitely need to go to one of their shows this summer!

So maybe it wasn't the most perfect day, but it was definitely a great advegture with my Goombah.

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