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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Veggin' in Boulder

Back from Boulder! It was a beautiful trip with wonderful people and a great experience overall. Driving to the conference proved to be one of my favorite parts. I had gone on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with my friends a few years before, and I thought that part of the country was beautiful as well. I especially loved seeing the mountains on both trips! If you have the means to do a road trip I would strongly suggest it. Traveling through the United States always makes me realize how truly majestic this country is. I  loved seeing the vast farmlands on either side of the road. I enjoyed the feeling of looking around and seeing nothing but nature. It was a refreshing scenic vacation!
The University of Colorado-Boulder was a beautiful college, I could see the mountains from the room I was staying in! I wish I would've gotten a chance to enjoy the fresh mountain air more. I would've l-o-v-e-d LOVED to go on a hike! Unfortunately, the conference did not allow a lot of free time. But it was still a blast! We seemed to never be without something to do. It was non-stop cheering or listening or chatting or doing some type of  fun filled activity. It was a very exciting, although exhausting, adventure! I will definitely be making another trip to Colorado and hopefully have the time to adventure through the mountains and spend more time in the fresh air!
Throughout the conference I almost always had lovely options for a vegetarian friendly meal. The first few meals were in a buffet style dining area. This type of dining always make it a lot easier to choose what you want to eat, especially if there are lots of labels so you can make sure it is all veggie-friendly. My favorite meal from the conference was at the CU's Farrand Hall. This dining hall has near 100% organic and local cuisine that is DELICIOUS. There were various veggie options to choose from. I made the right decision when I picked this roasted vegetable sandwich. It was on delicious toasted bread slathered in a basil pesto sauce with roasted zucchini, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. It was a great sandwich and it fueled me for the rest of the day! I will be attempting this sandwich for myself sometime soon! YUM!
 The only negative meal of the conference was the World Market Banquet. There were five different stations with three bite-size options at each station. Two were main dish foods and one was a dessert. Unfortunately, at two of the stations, the only thing I could eat was the dessert, and that's not healthy at all. The three main dishes I had to choose from were veggie dumplings, vegetable curry, and some disgusting spinach dish I never got the name of. Needless to say I ate a lot of veggie dumplings. Although they weren't horrible, they didn't really fill me up and I left the meal still feeling hungry. Other than that, It was very near a perfect trip! I cannot wait to see what other advegtures my summer and year have for me! I loved Boulder! Where will I be headed next?


  1. just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

    and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i'd love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like!

    ps: i live in boulder :]

    1. Did you notice a wave of outsiders last weekend? I was one of them! And I love your style, I read somewhere that Boulder is one of the least fashionable city in the nation, you obviously prove that wrong! Thanks for checking out my blog! :)