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Friday, June 22, 2012

Nature Walk -Veggie Style

The view from the tower
Goombah and I went on another adventure! We went to Lapham Peak and discovered the fantastic natural beauty that is just next door to where we live. It was unbelievably hot- 95 degrees!- but luckily the park has plenty of shady areas to hide from the heat. Before we begun, we climbed on top of the park's tower, it was such a beautiful site. We could see the entire park and beyond, so much green, leafy, nature! Goombah & I always joke that we are modern-day hippies because we love being one with nature and exploring the outdoors in every way possible! We discussed how much fun it would be to go back-packing through Europe, and/or to camp and hike by the Grand Canyon. Our traveling dreams sometimes outreach our financial capabilities, (We are the definition of broke college students) but I do hope one day we will be able to go on such splendid vacations. As for being an advegture, I packed myself a fo-turkey sandwich with cranberry wasabi sauce.And Goombah enjoyed a pb&j, so we both had a vegetarian meal! We stopped at a bench in the shade to enjoy our veggie-licious meal! It was such a great day!
My wonderful day did not end there! I met up with a friend from college-Lou- in Madison! We ate at Noodles&Company, which is slowly becoming my favorite vegetarian place! I don't think there is anything there that is not perfectly delicious. To prove this point, every time I go there I've had a different meal. This time I had Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine, with their organic tofu, of course! And, proving my point, it was as delicious as always. I would expect nothing less from Noods! We then adventured around State Street. I decided, and Lou agreed, that State Street is what a lovechild between Downtown Minneapolis and Dinkytown would end up being. It has a low-key feeling mixed with the high-paced city life. A great mixture, but I still am in love with Minneapolis through and through! 

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