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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Green Thumb

The Parentals and I did some light gardening on Thursday. (5 weeks of being a vegetarian! Yahoo!) We pulled the weeds out of the flower garden and spread new mulch. Exciting, I know. The more exciting part was planting tomato and herb plants! The Dad fixed up our old aquarium to be the perfect planting box, big enough for the tomatoes to spread their roots deep into the soil. We also planted basil, mint, cilantro, and dill. I am hoping to post a recipe with one of those splendid herbs soon.
Our next outdoor adventure will be turning our box garden into a wild flower garden, hopefully bringing in some beautiful butterflies. Fun Fact: I love butterflies. One of my favorite reference to butterflies is The Goldfish Song by Kina Grannis.(Shown below) The lyric is "I know what you've been thinking, Too soon to empty my cocoon. This butterfly is not ready. Wouldn't she know better than you?"
Speaking of music! Yesterday, Goombah and I went to Friday Night Live in Downtown Waukesha. It was a blast. The streets were blocked off completely; music, and art, and food was all around. Our eyes were sucked into the street art, we were drawn into the small downtown studios. I couldn't help but daydream about a day where I can purchase such amazing art for my home, or apartment...when I am an awesome author/writer/editor/employed to write. Anyways!, Goombah and I ran into two people from Minneapolis, One artist from Random Twigs and a former University of Minnesota student from PlowShare Gifts. I am amazed by how small this world we live in truly is every day! After meeting these great Minneapolis-ians, we stopped by the Divino Gelato Cafe and got a scoop of cake batter gelato and a scoop of chai tea gelato. Combined, it tasted just like the cupcakes I had made for Goombah on her birthday! So yummy!
Other vegetarian related news, The Mom keeps finding new things for me to try. Yesterday she got Veggie Turk'y burgers and veggie sandwich "meat." I haven't tried either, I will post when I decide to dive into that advegture. I won't lie, the veggie sandwich "meat" does not appear tasty, it looks rather disgusting. It has a grey-ish brown, rubbery, "I taste like dirt" look to it,  fingers crossed its appearance is deceiving.

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